Have yourself a Zoom-y little Christmas!

If you’re planning on holiday visits taking place during the holidays via Zoom, why not try a virtual and festive background? The choices are as endless as your good wishes.

For those of us whose homes could use a little improvent….
For the nature lovers among us.
Perfect for Zooming the grandchildren.
And for those of us who love to rub it in to our Northern friends and family.

There’s great free Zoom backgrounds available for you to choose from. One source is here.

Unsure just how to use a virtual background? Zoom tells all. So does this site.


Extensions do what they say, Part 1

A short series on How To Make The Most of Your Screentime, brought to you by STUG, The Sarasota Tech Users Group. First up, Mercury Reader.

If there’s anything that can make me madder than banner ads and commercial sidebars, it’s the pop-ups and un-asked-for videos when I am simply trying to read an article on the web.

Yeh, okay, I know,

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The Wealth You Didn’t Know You Possess

It’s an endless world of possibilities out there on the web, the internet, the intranet, whatever you call it… and here’s a get-started-quick intro to all you can learn, browse, gain:

From Storytime reading by your favorite librarians to STEM Classes, book reviews to a Lord of the Rings Escape Room experience, check out the Sarasota County Library Systems on-demand-programs.

And there’s 268 videos and growing, to watch on the library system’s Vimeo page.

Now, if there’s a tech question you can’t seem to find an understandable explanation of, you’ll love the recorded videos of GeeksOnTour. They cover everything from how to send photos from your phone to how to plan your next trip… in a way we can understand!

The STUG YouTube channel is being added to weekly, so check it out too.

Still can’t find the answer to your question, problem, or just plain curiosity? “Google it,” they say. But sometimes that’s not as easy as you’d like. Dig deep in the sand to find your hidden treasure with these 10 Tips and Tricks to Use Google Search More Effectively.

Zoom! Be the Hostess with the Mostest

By now, we most of us know how to attend a Zoom meeting… but have you ever thought to host one? For friends and family?

Maybe you’ve tried but you just stuck with the basics….

Or maybe you’ve hosted one which wasn’t quite as engaging as you’d like it to be.

Or maybe you felt it didn’t really reflect your personality.

There’s a lot on that Zoom dashboard, and there’s so

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Tuggie’s smart enough to know that nobody knows everything, and discrete enough to teach you things you can claim to have always known.

Howdy, my little owlets. Here’s another Hint Hoot. Hope to see you often here on the STUG blog.

Alas, this tip only works for dot com, not dot anything else. But it’s still fun to have in your Tuggie Treasury, right?

Learning by teaching

Be a teacher for free
Teaching an individual or a group can be fun.

It’s surprising how much you can learn by teaching something.

Here at the Sarasota Technical Users Group we offer a teaching opportunity. The classes we offer are popular and we’d like to offer more. Yes, YOU can teach… and learn by doing!

You don’t have to be an expert of anything, just share a willingness to explore with others. There are so many apps out there and so much technology others want to learn that many people are missing great learning experiences – even you!

This is the main purpose of STUG – to provide knowledge and learning opportunities using our member volunteers.

Pick a tech topic or app you are enjoying, even if there are many aspects of it you’re still exploring – and have a go at “hosting” a class. We are all volunteers and we need each other to trade our tech experiences. Will you share your experiences with others? That’s all we are asking.

Our volunteer instructors are free to teach almost anything tech-related. Our classes are on Zoom so you don’t even have to leave your home to host a class. You decide the schedule. Those attending your session will help you by asking questions – and there is nothing wrong in saying “I don’t know”. Regardless of the knowledge level, EVERYONE benefits!

Please send me an email at jimcerny123@gmail.com and let’s talk about it. We are very flexible and I would be happy to answer any questions you have and consider your ideas. Pick a topic – how about driverless cars, 3D printing, car-phone connections, using Amazon, buying airline tickets on-line, cable and free TV connections, and so much more.

What tech topics are you most interested in these days? Why not help us help others?