The Wealth You Didn’t Know You Possess

It’s an endless world of possibilities out there on the web, the internet, the intranet, whatever you call it… and here’s a get-started-quick intro to all you can learn, browse, gain:

From Storytime reading by your favorite librarians to STEM Classes, book reviews to a Lord of the Rings Escape Room experience, check out the Sarasota County Library Systems on-demand-programs.

And there’s 268 videos and growing, to watch on the library system’s Vimeo page.

Now, if there’s a tech question you can’t seem to find an understandable explanation of, you’ll love the recorded videos of GeeksOnTour. They cover everything from how to send photos from your phone to how to plan your next trip… in a way we can understand!

The STUG YouTube channel is being added to weekly, so check it out too.

Still can’t find the answer to your question, problem, or just plain curiosity? “Google it,” they say. But sometimes that’s not as easy as you’d like. Dig deep in the sand to find your hidden treasure with these 10 Tips and Tricks to Use Google Search More Effectively.


Author: Kate

Working hard, learning lots.

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