How Hewie gave me a week of my life back.

Now, I don’t mean to single Hewie out from all the helpful souls I know in STUG, ’cause there are many!… but he makes a good headline and besides he has these adorable mutton chops.

You see, I’d spent a week’s worth of spare time trying to do something, looking at programs and apps and basically tearing my hair out, when it occurred to me…

Hey… I’m a STUG member!

…. and I can ask for help. TL;DR*: Long story short, Hewie suggested something so obvious, something I already kinda knew how to do, as the solution to my problems.

Thank goodness I didn’t spend ANOTHER week searching.

Ain’t membership grand? I saved so much time for the minimal cost of membership.

You should too.

Join, and we’ll tell you how to ask a one-on-one question and how to e-eavesdrop as others ask questions.

*TL;DR is the newly-polite way to say get on with it girl, ain’t got time to waste listening to you blather on. For more acronyms that Tuggie might help you with, see this list.


Author: Kate

Working hard, learning lots.

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